UTMN graduates are in demand on the labour market

UTMN graduates are in demand on the labour market

6 October 2021
The results of a large-scale analysis of UTMN graduates employment 2020 are published. According to the survey, 82% of 2020 graduates found a paid job for six months after graduation, more than half of the respondents combined work and study. At the same time, the actual starting salary of many graduates turned out to be higher than expected.

“About two-thirds of graduates claimed that their day job was connected with their university specialty. In addition, we found out that 88% of employed graduates worked in the Tyumen Region, including autonomous prefectures, but there were also people who found work in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In general, graduates were satisfied with their work, including its peculiarities, working conditions and wages,” - said Marina Giltman, Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance, Head of the Labor Market Research Laboratory at UTMN.

The research was conducted by the UTMN Labor Market Research Laboratory as part of the HSE project “Mirror Laboratories”. “In 2021, we applied the HSE Graduate Monitoring methodology to survey recent graduates. We got the first results and identified the weaknesses that need to be worked on,” Marina Andreevna explained.

The survey of graduates on this methodology is planned to be made regular. In the future, it will be used to analyze the complete educational trajectories of graduates from entering UTMN to graduation and employment, including academic performance and the choice of their educational route.

The main results of the survey can be viewed here.

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