Studying abroad: University of Salerno

Studying abroad: University of Salerno

27 July 2021
Daria Makarova shares about her semester abroad at University of Salerno, Italy.

UTMN offers it’s student a unique opportunity to study abroad. The student’s mobility program was developed to provide UTMN students with the opportunity to study free of charge at a international university for one or two semesters.

Every student of UTMN can participate. If you are planning going abroad, consider getting acquainted with the list of UTMN partner universities and reviews of students that took part in the program in the previous years.

Daria Makarova, student of School of Advanced Studies, shares about her semester abroad at University of Salerno, Italy:


“I spent the spring semester at the University of Salerno during my second year at the School of Advances Studies. I was always interested in other cultures and wanted to travel abroad. Therefore, when I learned about the Student mobility program at UTMN, I applied immediately.

I chose Italy because I love the people, customs, food and climate there.

Despite the fact that I was in Italy during COVID-19, I made friends with local and international students on campus. The language of instruction was English, which was not a big challenge for me. However, I have also picked up some Italian and can communicate quite well.

Many strange and interesting stories happened in Italy: I got stuck in a train, completed the entire fall semester of linguistics in 2 weeks, travelling throughout Italy, because there was a misunderstanding and it turned out that I had chosen an English course that was designed for the whole year. So, in order to pass, I had to take the exam when I was still in Russia. I have visited more than 15 cities, and each of them now has its own story. For example, in Rome, I accidentally met an Italian photographer who showed my friends and me many scenic places.

I can absolutely say that this experience was wonderful, exciting and if I had the opportunity to erase my memory and experience it again, I would gladly do it. Living and studying in another country allowed me to look at the world from the perspective of a person of different culture, reconsider my values ​​and understand that life is bright and full of wonderful people.”

To take part in the program, please contac the UTMN Centre for International Education.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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