International students master distance learning

International students master distance learning

9 June 2020
We asked our students, who quarantined on the UTMN campus, how they are studying and keeping up with deadlines during distance-learning.

During the difficult epidemiological situation in the world, part of the international students chose to stay and continue to study at the UTMN campus. Currently, the classes are conducted using distance learning technologies. UTMN stuff: teachers, tutors, and buddies show great support for our students. We asked them about how they are adapting to the new format, learning to communicate with the teachers, and stay on track.


Maria Camila Gonzalez Parra (Colombia, 2nd-year student):

– Switching to online-classes is going well. We use Zoom & Microsoft teams. Sometimes there are problems with Zoom and it doesn't work properly. Teachers usually give us assignments on time, but the workload is too much sometimes.

It is a pity that now we have so much free time, but there is no way to play sports. Now I'm learning something new, I practice more languages (Italian, German, English), which I study at the university.

Ho Thi Bik Thuang (Vietnam, 2nd-year student. Currently in Vietnam, but continues to study remotely):

– Every day I check my Outlook mail. Teachers give us assignments there, sometimes I ask questions and then I try to turn in the assignments on time. Teachers organize online classes using Skype, Zoom, MicrosoftTeams.
The difficulty that I encountered was the slow Internet. Teachers send in a lot of homework with pressing deadlines, I often find it difficult to complete them on time.

The advantage of the remote format is that I have the opportunity to be at home with my parents, brothers, and sisters.

I spend most of my time studying after I finish doing my housework. Housekeeping allows me to be physically active. I'm also starting to love growing some flowers and then watch after them.

Martinez Rodriguez Jessid Ricardo (Colombia, 1st-year student):

– We are now using Google teams, Zoom, and Google Classroom for online-learning. I think this is enough, and the platforms work well. True, sometimes not everything is clear, so you need to use additional resources. Sometimes, the online-lectures can glitch, and there is no way to immediately contact the teacher to clarify incomprehensible points.

The advantage of distance learning is that you do not need to spend time on the road. But still, it’s better and more convenient to learn in a classroom, work out all the complicated points, and get good grades.

During quarantine, I began to learn a different language. We are also in contact with other people, sharing information; there is time to do different things. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to do most of the training. I usually go to the gym or train outside.

Nabila Abdoulay Hissain (Chad, 1st-year student):

– Teachers use apps like Zoom or record video tutorials. But I do not really like online learning, because there are subjects that I cannot understand. It is just better to come to the university, where the professor will personally explain everything, and you can ask them questions to better understand the material. Although, online learning has its perks: you don't have to get up early in the morning and commute to the university. In the online-classrooms, we learn something new every day, it's good. Besides, I have time to play some sports now, which I like.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications


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