Hai Nguyen
21 July 2021
Hai Nguyen, UTMN alumnus, about the importance of a support system at the university.

Hai Nguyen is a graduate student at UTMN. During his studies at UTMN, Hai Nguyen has repeatedly participated in and won academic olympiads and was an active member of students' society. 

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Hai Nguyen shares about his plans for the future: 

"It has already been five years since I came to study in Russia. I’ve had some difficulties initially because everything was so new to me: country, teachers, friends, and the educational environment. Now I know that my decision to move was the right one. Here I have all the support I need – my friends and professors are always there for me. The management of the institute supports us – international students. 

I'd like to say a special thank you to the professors that encouraged me along the way. Their dedicated work lies as the foundation of my knowledge. Together we have created a solid base for me to achieve higher goals, which, hopefully, will ensure my successful future.

Moving forward, I’m very motivated to gain even better results and reach greater heights in the future. I hope that I will be able to become a good teacher at the University of Vietnam. 
As of now, I've decided to stay with my Alma mater and continue my career within the field of education. I will be enrolling in the Master's program Modern Mathematical Education."  

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