Noyabrsk Institute of Humanities and Ecology


Noyabrsk Institute of Humanities and Ecology, Tyumen State University Branch
Was founded in 2002.

Director: Elena Shapovalova, PhD.

At the university branch, 69 pedagogical workers are engaged in teaching classes, among them 10 people are teachers of the branch (5 people are members of staff, 5 people work under the terms of the internal part-time), 4 people work under the terms of the external part-time, 9 teachers are engaged in work on an hourly rate), 46 are teachers of the main university.

All members of the teaching staff, providing the educational process in the branch, have higher professional education; 40 people out of the total number of teachers, involved in the implementation of the educational process, have a PhD degree and an associate professor title, 5 people have a Doctor of Science degree and a professor title. 65% of work load on higher professional education programs is performed by teachers with an academic degree and a title.

The branch comprises the following departments:

  • The following departments are in the structure of the branch: 
  • Department of Humanitarian, Social and Economic Disciplines
  • Study Office
  • Library Department
  • General Office
  • Financial Department
  • General Service Department


Address: 51 Sovetskaya st. Noyabrsk 629805, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous region

Tel.: 007 3496 42 47 70
       007 3496 42 47 72 

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