Economical and financial model


Economic and financial model. Expected dynamics of indicators up to 2020

The current financial model of UTMN is characterized by a high share of extra-budgetary inflows (69%). In general, the total revenue amounts to 2.2 billion RUB. Financing of scientific researches is estimated at 10% of the total volume of income, 83% comes to the educational activity. The share of R&D activity from the extra-budgetary sources amounts to 88,5%.

The economic model of UTMN is based on cooperation with the business and commercialization of intellectual activity results. The model’s basic principle is based on the increasing of R&D activities and the redistribution of the revenues for the development of frontier directions.

The economic model suggests the following key features: 1) administrative regulation of development programs with the help of indicative plans, in which the volume and structure of investment flows are centralized; 2) central redistribution of financial resources; 3) stimulation of the scientific and educational staff’s effectiveness as well as the entrepreneurial activity.

Within the period up to 2020, UTMN will increase the economic value of the targeted grants from sponsors in inflows (including endowment). The preferences of the Tyumen Oblast for the development of documentation and logistics and methodological support of educational activities will reach the level of 300 million RUB per year. Regional investment in infrastructure will amount to no less than 3 billion RUB.

Revenues from educational services will be doubled due to the growth of student population and increasing quality of services. The share of income from scientific research will increase up to 28% by 2020, which in absolute terms will amount to 2.05 billion RUB. The total budget will be doubled and will make 7.2 billion RUB.

The Financial Model of UTMN has the following main goals: 1) the share of extra-budgetary resources will amount to 65%; 2) the share of the budget will be not less than 20% (due to the additional funding, reallocation of resources, optimization of costs, withdrawal of the non-core activities and unprofitable areas of training); 3) the average salary of academic staff will amount to 220% of the average in the regional economy. 

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