IT infrastructure


IT infrastructure. Informational support fields

Information technologies represent intellectual infrastructural platform. It supports the development of educational process for prospective training courses and the structured representation of managerial technologies of the University. Availability of IT-specialists with the world-class competencies and teams able to efficiently use these tools is an important competitive advantage of the University. In its turn collaboration with such high-tech IT-companies as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, EMC provides access to the advanced technologies for the creation of modern IT-infrastructure.

To  support  sustainable development  of  educational  and  managerial activity of the University in the period from 2014 to 2015 two contemporary data processing centers were put into service. The total capacity of their distributed data storage subsystem is 200 TB. In 2014 fiber optic ring with the length of 9 km was constructed and it increased the data rate up to 10 Gbs  between  the UTMN buildings. Two hundred access points warrant the 100% wireless network coverage of Wi-Fi 802.11b\g\n standard for all UTMN buildings.

Educational process with the usage of distance educational technologies is based on the home informational system of Web 2.0 и LMS Moodle technologies.

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