Formulation of the mission


Formulation of the UTMN mission

A mission of the UTMN is to train personnel able to design new professional activities, transform the social environment, and create effective businesses in the context of global competition.

At  the  global  market  of  education  services,  research  and  scientific developments  the UTMN  will  become:  1) a  center  for training  internationally recognized professionals,  who will be able  to  improve the efficiency of key economic sectors by transferring advanced production technologies (the next generation industries);  2) one of  the  most  comfortable  and  attractive places  for  training young talents;  3) one of the world leaders at the level of research frontiers;  4) center of high quality education for students  from CIS countries  by  means  of  wide  application  of  open learning methods.

A  present  and  promising  role  of  the  UTMN  in  the development  of  Russia,  the  region and the economic  sector:  1) training environment  for  internationally recognized  professionals  for  the work in leading Russian companies, in the sphere of exploration,  production,  transportation  and  processing of raw hydrocarbons;  2) the center  for  advanced  technologies development  and  testing in social science and humanities;  3) a testing site for the regional university reorganization into the University of new generation, competitive amongst the world research and educational centers.

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