Reference group of universities


Reference Group of Universities

Reference  group  was  formed  as a result of the analysis  of  particular aspects and competitive advantages of  each  higher educational  institution  as  applicable  to specific character, geographical position and strategic objectives of UTMN.


Reference  group  of  UTMN  includes  five  universities.  For  the  first  stage  of  the  program UTMN chose the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology  (KAIST, the Republic of Korea)  and  the  University  of  New  South  Wales  (UNSW, Australia),  which are similar to UTMN as to the nature of their mission. A relatively young university of Australia (66 years old) is the best in the country and ranks No. 48 in the QS World University Ranking, No. 109 – in Times Higher Education Ranking. The University of New South Wales is of interest from the research point of view in the advanced fields of science  (robototronics,  environmental  science, innovative materials)  and  the  strategy  of  interaction  with  public  authorities.  It  is successful  in establishment of a creative educational environment attractive for the best enrollees.

Relying  on  KAIST  experience  it  is  necessary  at  the  first  stage  to  concentrate  efforts on  the model of "highest performing universities”,  creation of the world's leading brand,  international  recruitment  of  academic staff and interaction with large companies.

Among  the  leading  world-famous  universities  UTMN considers  the  Albert  Ludwigs University  of  Freiburg  as  a  model  (21 thousand  students).  The  Albert  Ludwigs  University of Freiburg  is  known  to  the  world  due  to the achievements  of  the Faculties of  Law and Theology. The UTMN  can  be  compared  to  the  University  of  Freiburg  as  to  the  nature of  its history  – a balanced  combination  of  natural  science,  engineering  and  socio-humanistic modules.  An example in this case shall be a competent  accentuation of scientific  fields  in various  spheres,  close  integration  with  international academic community. The University of Texas looks particularly valuable for the UTMN as to the use of resources of the largest oil-producing region of the USA, a set of efficient technologies to create a cultural image of certain territory, a highly selective recruitment of undergraduates. 

The UTMN reference group includes  the  University  of  Alberta  (Canada),  located in a large oil-and-gas province with similar to our natural climatic conditions.  For  UTMN,  the University  of  Alberta  serves  a  model  of  a  higher  educational  institution  with a  high  level of research aimed at preservation and recovery of natural resources in terms  of  increased anthropogenic impact. It  has  a  vast  experience  in  internationalization, focuses on  student exchange programs  and  employment  assistance  for its alumni.

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