Strategic initiatives


Strategic initiative No. 1 «Excellent education»

Advantages of UTMN: 1) one of the most enhanced system for distance learning in Russia and CIS countries; 2) high level of salaries for graduating students; 3) readiness of UTMN’s (large companies’) trustees to actively participate in reorganization of education activities.

Difference between current state of the target model and its parameters: 1) absence of educational products, attractive for undergraduate applicants outside the region and abroad; 2) difference between education content and education technologies, mismatch  between the institutional environment of international standards and students’ expectations.

Strategic  initiative  «Excellent  Education»  will  promote  elimination  of  the mentioned differences  by  means  of: 1) reorganization of  learning  activity  and  relevant institutional environment; 2) upgrade of the current programs and development of new ones to provide international competitive ability; 3) introduction of advanced education methods, considering modern socio-humanistic and technical achievements; 4) increase of education (Diploma) value via the university branches reduction and transformation of distance learning.

Strategic initiative No. 2 «Research at frontiers»

Advantages of UTMN: 1) availability of research teams, performing world level researches; 2) experience of development of high-technology productions together with the leading Russian companies; 3) availability of modern scientific and experimental production equipment. 

Difference between current state of the target model and its parameters: 1) insufficient number of attractive educational products applicable to promising "frontiers"; 2) poor involvement into the world research agenda and insufficient level of collaborations; 3) low level of publication activity. 

Main directions of the research in areas of “Advanced Production Technologies” and “Environmental Remediation”: technologies of “digital oil field" and improvement of oil recovery; development of new materials based on metal composites; software engineering; biocapacity of indicator organisms, environmental monitoring, remediation of contaminated soils, industrial waste utilization.

In  photonics area the following items will be developed: varifocal microlens, optical switching devices, microfluidic lasers and refractometers, liquid micromirrors, electronic paper on electrowetting, methods for manipulation of ultra small liquid volumes, high molecular weight compound synthesis methods in microdrops.

In the area of neurotechnologies the following items will be developed: question-and-answer systems, big data analysis and knowledge generation systems, technical management self-teaching systems and electronics based on memristor driven nanomaterials.

Strategic initiative No. 3 «New persons»

Advantages of UTMN: 1) availability of several new research teams, working in the framework of subjects, relevant to the world research agenda and involved in global research networks; 2) city infrastructure, that is comfortable for life; 3) management team, oriented to the staff upgrade and introduction of best international practice for staff recruitment.

Difference between current state of the target model and its parameters: 1) low scientific efficiency of the biggest part of academics, irrelevancy of the subjects of research as to needs of the region, Russia, as well as to the global research agenda; 2) low international awareness for the biggest part of the academic staff;  3) staff quality and structure do not match the promising model of the university, high proportion of “inbreds”;  4) the biggest part of the personnel does not wish to change the routine style of life and correspond to the challenges of today's world.

Strategic initiative "New persons” is implemented by means of: 1) the development of conditions for reorganization of current promising research teams into the world level laboratories; 2) the involvement of foreign lecturers from highly competitive academic scene; 3) financial stimulation of young scientists (compensation of mortgage interests, down payment, education abroad and obtainment of PhD degree); 4) moratorium for in-breeding; 5) switch to the efficient contract system with the staff; 6) development of comfortable environment  for foreign academics.

Strategic initiative No. 4 «Center for talent attraction»

Advantages of UTMN: 1) UTMN is a basic platform for academic competitions (olympiads) jointly with Lomonosov Moscow State University, National Research University  -  Higher School of  Economics, Kutafin Moscow State Law University etc.; 2) efficient experience for recruitment of undergraduate applicants from CIS countries; 3) high quality of life in the region and city.

Difference between current state of the target model and its parameters: 1) weak positions within the international undergraduate applicants market; 2) availability of social and infrastructural limits, that induce the flow of elite students; 3) low competition for application to some courses; 4) absence of system for talents revealing, involvement and development.

Strategic  initiative  “Center  for  talent  attraction"  is  realized  by  means  of: 1) the implementation of occupational guidance, depending on undergraduate applicants’ geography, education level and considering their peculiarities of the place of study selection (influence of parents, teachers, friends, experts); 2) attraction of talents from different Russian regions and CIS countries with the high level of unemployment and low level of life; 3) development of conditions to implement the efficient talent of a student and to cash in his scientific achievements; 4) advance upgrade of the UTMN infrastructure (considering the perspective standards 2020) to develop comfortable area and creative environment for education and research; 5) development of academic competition process, escpecially through the improvement of the “Mendeleev” academic competition status, giving special grants for foreign students, increasing number of summer and winter preparatory schools; 6) development of a system of the brand influence and promotion by means of creating a cohort of "The  University Ambassdors", consisting of  the UTMN alumni, trustees, best school teachers from Russia and CIS countries.

Strategic initiative No. 5 «Redistribution of resources»

Advantages of UTMN: 1) large proportion of non-budgetary funds in common budget (69%) and in the volume of R&D (88.5%); 2) presence of large industrial partners, ready to invest into the development of UT; 3) financial self-sufficiency of experience and production structures, the experience to use up to 15% of such structures income for the current needs of the University.

Difference between current state of the target model and its parameters: 1) absence of system for budgeting and distribution of resources; 2) absence of practice in financing development projects (budget for development is not more than 5%); 3) low level of the Institutes responsibility for the financial results, their poor involvement into financial management.

Strategic initiative “Redistribution of resources” will be implemented through the introduction of indicative planning and project management, by means of switching to the academic programs budgeting, optimization of current costs, renunciation of ineffective areas of activity, closing of unprofitable and non-core programs. 

Strategic initiative No. 6 «Smart management»

Advantages of UTMN: young team, which is able to effectively implement world corporate management practices.

Difference between current state of the target model and its parameters: 1) traditions of excessive centralization and absence of responsible management skills at the level of structural units; 2) historically passive staff, which prevent organizational changes; 3) low level of structural units’ responsibility for the result;  4) insufficient involvement of graduates and application of their potential.

Strategic initiative “Smart  management“ is implemented by means of: 1) decentralization of resources in order to solve the problem of "crisis of self-government"; 2) outsourcing; 3) introduction of competence centers effectiveness system; 4) conscious introduction of the concept “Smart Talent Management”; 5) development  of  Lifelong Learning environment, which stimulates staff for self-development,  development  of  language, communication,  information  and  management competence; 6) applying procedures of international recruiting.

Strategic initiative No. 7 «Generation of business»

Advantages of UTMN: 1) partnership with large industrial companies providing the basis for research, experimental and technological works of the University (more than 80%); 2) Board of Trustees, including the managers of large Russian and international companies.

Difference between current state of the target model and its parameters: 1) cooperation with large companies, provided mainly by experimental and production services, does not influence the education quality improvement greatly; 2) closure of students and academic staff in the internal environment of the university prevents the generation of urgent ideas for new high technology business; 3) small enterprises of UTMN have extremely low success; 4) start-ups have no access to the experimental and production infrastructure, as well as to the support of the experienced business tutors.

Target  model: 1) joint applied research and technological works with large companies within selected frontier directions; 2) support of urgent ideas generation for innovative business by means of student involvement into the technological processes of large companies; 3) development of students’ business competence through the real activity within technological start-ups development; 4) availability of state-to-the-art infrastructure to provide technological activities of start-ups in the form of dry and wet R&D laboratories, FabLab;  5)business accelerator, technology park and business-mentors’ club provide the availability of the environment for communication and support of businessmen. 

Strategic initiative No. 8 «Recognition of the University»

Gaps of UTMN: 1) absence of the reputation capital; 2) low attractiveness of the brand outside the Region in Russia and within international markets; 3) absence of UTMN in international rankings.

A task of the initiative is to improve recognition of the University, its core staff, research directions and education programs in other Russian regions and at international level.

Development of multi-language web-portal with the special focus on research directions is the main driver of the University within this initiative.  The important role is given to social networks, other forms of Internet communication and advertisment.

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