Material and technical basis


Perspective  characteristics  of  the  material  and  technical  basis  of  the University and their interpretation

The UTMN campus is located in the historical part of the city. It consists of 12 educational and laboratory buildings, Technology park, Informational and Library Center, Publishing House, medical unit, University Catering Center, for field practice and recreation, two of which are situated at the Black Sea cost (in the Tuapse region of Krasnodar krai) and on the Lake Baikal (Republic of Buryatia); 4 student hostels. 

The main obstacle for the development of the University is the lack of places at the student hostels and their dilapidated condition. To solve this problem, in 2016 it is planned to repair the hostel of 500 places (180 million RUB) and to build a new hostel of 1,000 places in 2017-2018 (1,2 billion RUB). 

The reconstruction of the main building will be made according to the perspective standards of the year 2020 with the increase of the total area in three times: up to 30,000 sq.m. This will also contribute to the enhancement of UTMN competitiveness. The expected cost of reconstruction will amount to 2.5 billion dollars, 40 % of them will be financed from the regional budget.

In order to create comfortable conditions for students, as well as to enhance the attractiveness of the University among the applicants from other regions and abroad, in the years from 2016 to 2018 a new multifunctional sports center is planned to be built with the area of 10,100 sq.m. The project will funded by the budget of the Tyumen Region with the cost of 628 million RUB.

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