UTMN Ranked



UTMN is in Top-100 Employers according to the Headhunter Rating. Job applicants, employees and HR-specialists took part in the pool. In 2016 3114 professionals work at the UTMN, 1655 of them belong to the academic and scientific services staff.


UTMN is in Top-50 Russian universities possessing the highest level of competitiveness in techical, natural and hard sciences, as follows from the rating made by RAEX («Expert Rating Agency"). Surveys were conducted in 2012-2015 and included over 34 thousand respondents from the academic and scientific and industrial community.


Academic Lyceum of UTMN is in Top-200 of Russian schools that provide opportunities for the development of schoolchildren talents. It is the only one school in the Tyumen region that demonstrates such results.


UTMN is in Top-100 of the Russian part of the International Webometrics Rating published since 2004. The rating is done by the Cybermetrics Lab research company and assesses the presence of universities on the Internet and is published twice a year. In total, about 25,000 institutions of higher education around the world were assessed including 1484 Russian universities.


UTMN was placed 32 in the National Rating "Innovations and Entrepreneurship". The annual national ranking of universities was compiled at the end of 2014-2015 academic year by "Interfax" and "Echo of Moscow". The rating covers 200 Russian universities. One of the evaluation criteria is the level of development of innovations infrastructure of the university.


UTMN is one of the top 10 universities in Russia and the only one in the Ural Federal District that received state support for setting up engineering centers. The open competition was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF for distributing state support to pilot projects aimed at the creation and development of engineering centers by higher education institutions.


UTMN is in Top-5 Russian Universities which have the right to give the national examination of Russian as a foreign language


Expert RA prepared the University Reputation Ranking in the field of economics and management. The ranking of the best 50 universities was formed according to a survey which was carried out in 2012-2014. The University of Tyumen  is on the 30th place.

12234.jpg In 2013 Russian non-governmental news agency Interfax announced the first University Ranking of CIS countries, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The University of Tyumen entered the Top-50 best Universities. UTMN is on the top position in comparison with the other Tyumen Region universities. The total number of the universities that were rated is 407; 215 of those universities are Russian. The University of Tyumen was highly ranked in research and international activities.
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