Exit from Tyumen or from the Russian Federation and re-entry

The Russian government has rather strict policy considering migration control. You are free to explore the country and visit other Russian cities, yet you need to follow a set of rules.

1) Inform us about your trip

Before leaving, fill in the ONLINE FORM with basic information about your trip. These forms are stored at the Migration and Visa Support Office and are only intended for our information.

NB! We strongly recommend talking to your tutor or our department before buying tickets in case there are legal obstacles you are not aware of.

2) Take care of your registration while away

If you travel within Russia, remember this simple rule:
you need to be registered in every city where you spend more than 7 days.

Hotels register all their foreign guests, thus staying in a hotel is your safest and simplest option.The hotel administrator should give you a registration slip as you check in.

If you are staying at your friends' place for more than a week, you can register at a local post office.

3) Keep your documents

Please, keep all your tickets and registration slips. They are requested by the Migration Services when we re-register you at the University after your trip.

4) Come to our office for re-registration

After you come back to Tyumen, you need to visit the Migration and Visa Support Office for re-registration in the following cases:
  • if you stay in any other city for over 7 days;
  • if you stay in a hotel or a hospital (even if for a day);
  • after you cross the Russian border.
NB! Hotels and hospitals register you at their address, no matter how long you stay - for a day or for a month. After you leave they terminate your registration, which is why you need to re-register at the University.
For more information about registration see: 'Migration Registration'
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