Extension of period of stay in the Russian Federation and applying for multiple-entry visa

Visa extension is necessary in two cases: when you first arrive in Russia via your single-entry visa, or when your current multi-entry visa is close to expiration, yet you need to stay for the next year.

NB! Single-entry visas only allow entering Russia once.

To receive a multiple-entry visa or extend your current visa you would need to do the following:

1) Fill in the online application form

We strongly recommend to fill in the visa application form at least 40 days before your current visa expires. You can find the link to the form below:


картинка для страницы Visa extension

It includes vital information we need to prepare the official request for the Migration Service. As it is in Russian, we prepare it beforehand and you only need to sign it at our office. It is convenient for you and gives us enough time to double-check the information.

NB! If you have trouble filling in the form, please see the information at the end of this article.

2) Pay the state duty

Before starting the process of visa extension, sign the Visa services agreement at the Migration and Visa Support Office. Then, pay the state duty (1600 rubles) in accordance with the agreement.

The payment can be made:

3) Bring your documents 

The Migration and Visa Support Office sends you an email saying when you should come to the office and bring the following documents:
  • Passport
  • Migration card
  • Registration slip
  • Two photos 3x4 cm on matte paper
  • state duty payment receipt (you can send a scan to our email passport@utmn.ru
We file your documents with the State Migration Service and return your passport the next day.

It takes 30 days to issue a new visa. The Migration Service gives us the day when the visa will be ready.

NB! Please, do not plan any trips for the date of visa issuance. If you already have a business trip planned, let us know in advance.

4) Bring your documents once again

Come to the Visa Support and Migration Office on the appointed day with the following:
  • Passport
  • Migration card
  • Registration slip
Visas are issued for 1 year and are extended annually until the end of the study program or work contract.

I have trouble filling in the online application form

Usually, problems with the online form occur when our guests do not speak Russian. In this case:

1) You can skip the fields that are only in Russian by writing "-" in them. 

These fields duplicate your name, place of birth and citizenship in Russian. Sometimes Consulates change the spelling of names in visas, which is why we need to be sure. But we can also check this information ourselves when you bring your passport. 

2) If you have trouble filling in the "Visa information" section, please see the picture below.
This is an example of a Russian visa. You can find the necessary information in the following fields of the visa:

виза сайт.png

If there are Cyrillic letters in the Visa ID field, as in our example, you can use this simple chart to write them in Latin letters.

If you still have trouble filling in the form, do not hesitate to contact us at passport@utmn.ru, we will gladly assist you.

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