Migration registration

Migration registration is an essential part of staying in Russia. Federal Law requires all foreign citizens to be registered with the Migration Office at the place where they are staying. If you were invited by an organization, they register you at their address. 

The University of Tyumen registers all our guests, students and teachers at our official address (Volodarskogo, 6). You have 7 working days from the moment you cross the border to be registered.

As it takes time to prepare the documents, we recommend coming to the Migration and Visa Support Office for initial migration registration within 1 working day after you arrive in Tyumen.

Required documents:
  • Passport
  • Migration card (purpose of visit – education or employment)
    * If you travelled to other Russian cities, also bring your tickets
The registration process takes 1-4 working days, after which you get your passport and a registration slip - the document that proves that your stay in Russia is legal. It has the same expiration date as your visa. The slip is written in Russian, but if you are curious about the information it contains, see the picture below.

Registration slip (both sides):

регистрация бланк

You need to renew your registration at the University in the following cases:
  • When you stay in other Russian cities for more than 7 days;
  • When you stay in a hotel in another city, even if for a day;
  • When you cross the border.
In each of these situations we strongly recommend coming to our office within 1 working day after coming back to Tyumen.

NB! Hotels and hospitals register you at their address, no matter how long you stay - for a day or for a month. After you leave they terminate your registration, which is why you need to re-register at the University when you return to Tyumen after your trip.
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