Short-term visits (less than 3 months)

In order for you to have a pleasant experience at Tyumen State University we recommend that you:
obtain an invitation directly from Tyumen State University, as required by the Russian Federation to include when applying for a visa. If you receive a visa without our official invitation, we will not be able to register your migration status, which is obligatory for all foreign citizens. You would otherwise need to register with the Federal Migration Service individually to avoid any problems in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation (this can be done at most hotels as well as the local post offices).

As soon as you arrive at Tyumen State University, within one working day you must provide all necessary documents to the Department of International Relations to register with migration services.

These documents include:
• Original identification document (passport)
• Visa (Tyumen State University should be specified in the section “invited by”, purpose of entry must not be “tourism”)
• Migration card (Tyumen State University should be specified in the section “name of host company”, purpose of travel must not be tourism)
• Boarding passes, railway or bus tickets
• Arrival notice to the place of residence (if before arriving to Tyumen you spent time in another city of the Russian Federation and were registered)

Important! You must be registered within 7 days from the date you crossed the border of the Russian Federation. (Therefore, you should inform us in advance if you plan to visit other cities in Russia before arriving at Tyumen State University).

Department of International Relations, 23 Lenina St., office 201,
phone number: +7 (3452) 45-53-69,   

Office hours: 10 am – 5 pm

Specialists for visa issues: Olga Kuznetsova  
                                          Aleksandra Terenteva