Tyumen: the Happiest City in Russia!

The city of Tyumen, Russia's oil and gas capital, is consistently ranked as the most comfortable city in Russia, boasting high quality of life and strong educational opportunities for local, regional, and international students. Tyumen's relaxed but vibrant atmosphere coupled with its modern allure makes the university an ideal destination for today's globally-minded student.
  • The Tyumen Region is one of the largest regions in Russia (1435000 km²). The entire territory of the Tyumen region is larger than Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom combined.   
  • Tyumen is the oldest Russian city in Siberia, founded in 1586. It emerged over the city of Chingi-Tura, the first capital of the Siberian and Uzbek Khanites. In 2016, Tyumen celebrated its 430th anniversary.
  • Tyumen is a religiously diverse city, hosting orthodox and catholic churches, mosques, as well as a synagogue. 
  • The embankment of the Tyra River is unique: at 24 meters high and four kilometers in length, it is the only four-level embankment in Russia. 
  • According to the results of a survey conducted by the polling agency NewsEffector along with the Regional Research Fund “Regions of Russia,” Tyumen was named one of 2012’s the three happiest cities in Russia. 
  •  In 2015 and 2017, Tyumen was named the leading Russian cities in terms of quality of life. 
  • Tyumen has been one of the leading cities in Russia in attracting investment. 
  • According to the leading consulting company in the world “McKinsey and Company,” by 2025 Tyumen will become one of five Russian cities considered among the 600 LEADING CITIES IN THE WORLD in terms of urbanization. These selected cities will make up 70% of the world’s GDP. 
  • Tyumen residents also live healthy lifestyles, as seen by the large number of cyclists and skaters around the city! Currently, the city administration is developing new “Velo-TMN” routes for cyclists (http://velo-tmn.ru/)
  • Fun fact: Tyumen has 38.17 km of space for bicycles, as well as more than 80 km of projected bicycle paths. 
  • Tyumen hosts the largest Drama theater in Russia (32 thousand square meters) as well as one of the largest climbing machines in Russia (15 meters high, a square of 1300 square meters). By the end of the 2018, Tyumen will have constructed the largest aquapark in Russia.
That sounds interesting! 
  • Dmitry Mendeleev, the world’s most famous chemist, was born in the city of Tobolsk. Mendeleev is not only known for having created the periodic table of elements, but he also entered history as the founder of the oil business in Russia. Tyumen’s regional library, a business center, and a street all take the great chemist’s namesake. 
  • The family of the last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II, passed their exile in the nearby city of Tobolsk.
  • Friend of the Tsar,” “Mysterious elder from Siberia,” “healer of the throne” – all such names are attributed to Gregory Rasputin, native of the Tobolsk province, which is now a part of the Tyumen Region. The personality of Rasputin and his unexpected influence on the fate of the Russian empire at the beginning of the 20th century has given rise to considerable debate. You can learn more about one of the most mysterious figures of the end of the Russian Empire of Nicholas II by participating in a tour organized to Rasputin’s village, Pokrovsky. 
  • The Tyumen Natural History Museum also hosts the skeleton of an entire mammoth. Famous Siberian explorer Ivan Slovtsov found the skeleton in 1885.
  • During World War II, the body of the Leader of the Socialist revolution, Vladimir Lenin, was preserved in a former secondary school, which is currently the building of the Northern Trans-Ural State Agricultural University adjacent to the UTMN Campus.
  • Within 19km from the city of Tyumen is the Borovskaya poultry farm, the world’s largest poultry complex which produces more than 2,470,000 eggs each year. 
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