General information

We are glad to welcome you at the University of Tyumen! The Migration and Visa Support Office provides visa services to our guests, whether for short visits or long-term stay:

- issuing invitations, extending visas;
- registering foreign citizens at their place of temporary residence;
- interacting with consular and federal services.

There are basic requirements and rules to the process of receiving your visa and arriving in Tyumen.

Passport requirements

Before applying for a visa, take a close look at your passport.
  • It must be valid for at least 1,5 years since the supposed date of your arrival for long-term stays, or for 6 months after your departure in case of short-term visits.
  • It must be intact - check it for damage, torn or removed pages.
  • It must have at least 2 clean pages for visas.
If any of these requirements are not met, you need to renew your passport in advance.

Receiving the invitation

When your visit is approved by the university management, we issue an official invitation based on your filled in online invitation application form. It takes 3-20 working days to issue an invitation depending on the visa type and your country of origin.

As soon as the invitation is ready, we send you a scanned copy via email and the original via DHL.

Sometimes a scan is enough - if you are arriving for a short-term visit and have EU, Chinese, American, Brazilian citizenship (and a number of other countries). But even in these cases, the Consulate has the right to require the original invitation.

Getting the visa

Our guests receive their visas themselves at the chosen Consulate of Russia.

Necessary documents for receiving a visa (general guidelines)

  • Completed visa application form (official websites of consulates usually provide a link)
  • Passport (see the requirements above)
  • Copy of the first page of the passport and previous visas 
  • One recent standard photo 35x45 mm (made in the last 6 months)
  • Money order (visa fees vary from $50 to $180)
  • Invitation of the UT.

Additional documents

Student and work visas also require an HIV blood test certificate and health insurance. HIV certificate is valid for 3 months only, thus the blood test should be taken not earlier than 3 months before applying for a visa.

NB! Some consulates (i.e., in EU countries) require health insurance both for long-term study/work visas and for humanitarian short-term visas. The consulates also have the right to request other documents, such as bank statements of the applicant, information on their wages, etc.

Health insurance

If you already have health insurance, you might be able to use it in Russia. Such systems as Travel Guide (USA, Canada), NHS (the UK), Columbia District (EU, UK, Australia) cover Russia, but it is not the case with all insurance companies. Please, check with your health insurance provider to make sure.

If you do not have insurance, consulate workers usually provide information on how to get it and where.

Processing time

Depending on the country where you are receiving the visa, it takes 4-20 working days for humanitarian visas and 10-20 working days for work and study visas. You can have your visa issued urgently (in 1-3 working days) for additional payment.

Receiving the visa

When you are receiving the visa at the Consulate, please, check the following information:
  • spelling of your name (if you had previous visas, it should be the same);
  • the University of Tyumen has to be specified as the inviting company; 
  • the purpose of your trip must not be tourism. It should be work/study/scientific-technical relations. Tourist visas do not allow the University to register you at the Migration Office or to extend your visa in case of long-term stays.

Can I bring my spouse or children with me?

Yes, but this option is only available for professors and management staff. If you are coming to Tyumen to teach and want to take your family with you, please, let us know in advance. This process involves more preparation and extra documents.

You can get the list of required documents for issuing invitations for family members by writing us an email at
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