Cultural Life of Tyumen


Living in Tyumen is culturally and intellectually enriching and will undoubtedly be a memorable experience. Theatre lovers will enjoy the Tyumen Drama Theatre, an architectural adornment of the city. The theatre contains its own troupe boasting a strong theatrical tradition and putting on numerous performances. The institution also plays host to guest performances of renowned theatre troupes from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other Russian cities.


There are many other theatres in Tyumen, which are also of interest to both locals and tourists:


 The Tyumen Circus with its original architecture is a city landmark. At night, the circus is decorated with illumination. There is a metal ball on its roof that glows at night. There are bronze statues of famous Soviet clowns on the platform in front of the circus.


For those interested in watching films on the full screen, there are several modern cinemas across the city: 

Students usually have special discounts on the movie sessions, exhibitions and other attractions. Check the website of a cinema chosen to learn about current discounts. 


Tyumen is a religiously diverse city. 

There are over ten operational Orthodox temples, two mosques, one synagogue, and one Roman Catholic church in Tyumen. While the state religion of the Russian Empire was Orthodoxy, this religion historically prevailed in Tyumen.

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