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24 June 2019
The University of Helsinki (UHEL), the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR), the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), and the University of Tyumen (UTMN) are jointly organizing the research training course “Seamless / Online Integrated Meteorology-Chemistry-Aerosols Multi-Scale and –Processes Modelling”.

As the integral part of the Academy of Finland ClimEco (Mechanisms, pathways and patchiness of the Arctic ecosystem responses and adaptation to changing climate) research project in order:

  • to strengthen the collaboration between Finnish and Russian key investigators and corresponding institutes in the frameworks of the project and PEEX;
  • to make a detailed design enabling a longer-term, a top-level research activities in PEEX;
  • to build direct links and to establish student training and short-term exchange between the institutes - the research training week/ course for the University of Tyumen (UTMN) students on seamless/ online integrated meteorology-chemistry-aerosols multi-scale modelling for environmental applications and assessment studies with the Enviro-HIRLAM (Environment - HIgh Resolution Limited Area Model) modelling system (e.g. lecturing and realization of the Small-Scale Research Projects, SSRPs as practical exercises) is to be organized according to the ClimEco plans.
Specific Objectives:

Main items of SSRP includes: Introduction with background discussions; Analysis of meteorological situations; Learning practical technical aspects on modelling; Performing model simulations; Visualization of results; Evaluation of possible impact on temporal-spatial variability of simulated meteorological and chemical fields; Team presentation on results and findings.

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