Graduate Summer School

30 June 2019
Graduate Summer School “Russian Empire/Soviet Union through the Lens of Global and New Imperial Histories” is to take place at the University of Tyumen, Russia, June 30 – July 5, 2019. The School is co-organized with the Center for Historical Research, Higher School of Economics in St Petersburg.

The School will be hosted by the International Laboratory “Russian History in Global Contexts: Empires, Nations, Regions” at the UTMN Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The graduate summer school will explore the past of the Russian Empire and the USSR through approaches generated by global history and new imperial histories. Contemporary historical scholarship is an on-going international conversation focusing on a number of key themes and attendant approaches, such as human diversity, the emergence of modern state and mass societies, global political order and universalist political visions, interactions between humans and the environment, movements of people, goods, and ideas, imperial and national political formations; colonialism and forms of indirect rule and domination. Global and imperial histories intersect as many polities were and are described as empires. Historically, empires were a dominant form of political organization, and even following de-colonization and the rise of the nation-state, the imperial logic of political imagination and organization of political space did not disappear. The school will thus explore how we can approach Russian and Soviet history by engaging key approaches in new imperial and global histories and what perspectives Russian and Soviet history can offer for the international dialogue in the fields of imperial and global history.

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