The University of Tyumen remains in the lead of the top-100 universities of Russia

Admissions 26 June 2020

It is known, that when choosing a university, most of the applicants pay attention to the reputation and competitiveness of the institution, and most importantly its ratings.

According to the RAEX rating agency, which published its ninth annual rating of top Russian universities, the University of Tyumen is a prominent member of the TOP-100 universities in the country, showing positive development dynamic annually. From last year, the University of Tyumen has climbed up by 12 positions and now occupies the 66th spot out of 700 Russian universities.

This rating was based on statistical data, as well as the results of surveys of more than 60 thousand respondents: representatives of academic and scientific fields, students and graduates, employers.

One of the most important aspects that made up the final score was the Level of Education in Universities (which made up 50% of the final score). This aspect included the following indicators: quality of teaching, international integration, resource distribution, and demand among applicants. The second biggest aspect of assessment was the Employers Demand for of the University’s Graduates (made up 30% of the final score). The groups of indicators for this aspect were: cooperation with employers and graduate career quality. And the third aspect, which made up 20% of the final score, was the University’s Research Activity. This aspect was determined based on the following indicators: innovative activity, scientific achievements, and research infrastructure. The ranking in total included 42 indicators that determined the final score.

Ivan Romanchuk, Acting Rector of University of Tyumen, comments:

“The rating determines the University of Tyumen is one of the best universities in Russia. The rating system is unique in that it takes into account the relationship we have with all of our target groups - from an applicant to a large employer. We believe that the positive growth dynamic is due to the fact that our university is a leader in providing individualized educational trajectories; we organized and initiated the creation of the West Siberian World-class research and educational center”.

In March 2020, the University of Tyumen also became one of the most influential universities in Russia.

Further reference:

RAEX-100 Rating of the best Russian universities has been published annually since 2012. In 2016, it became the first and so far the only Russian educational rating to successfully pass the international audit of the IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence. It shows that the methodology, assessment procedures, and telling results of RAEX-100 Rating meet high-quality standards.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications


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