International Students Arrival Guide 2020

Admissions 18 September 2020



We are waiting for you in Tyumen! In the meantime, get acquainted with how your online learning will be organized and study the recommendations for entering the Russian Federation.
Get used to our digital environment VMESTE, MODEUS, and STUDENT ACCOUNT:

Your personal account will provide access to an electronic timetable, application services, assessments, ratings, training programs, announcements and much more.

Attention! The timetable may change, notifications of changes will be sent to your corporate email. We recommend that you check your personal account in MODEUS in the morning and in the evening in order to quickly respond to all changes in the schedule that may appear.

What does the new educational model mean? 

We recommend you to look through the section of the website about the individualization of education and tutors

All questions about the choice of courses and the nuclear program of University of Tyumen can be sent to the corporate email of the Department of Individual Educational Trajectories:

How will my online learning be organized?
All lectures will be held online via Microsoft Teams program. You can log in the system using your UTMN account. The format of seminars and practical lessons will be set by your professor. All the classes are held in Tyumen time.
Stay in touch with your professors and check your email regularly to do your homework on time and keep up with important events!

How can I prepare for my arrival in Tyumen?
To enter Russia, you must bring a document confirming a negative test result for COVID-19 by PCR method, taken no earlier than 3 calendar days before arrival in the Russian Federation. The document must be in Russian or English.
Bring the following health certificates with you:
·         The result of chest photofluorography (Chest X-ray) made not earlier than 6 months before
·         The results of hepatitis blood test made not earlier than 6 months before
·         The results of HIV blood test made not earlier than 6 months before
·         The vaccination certificate (information on all vaccinations made)
Receiving these documents in Tyumen is a long and fee-paying process. Therefore, the International Student & Scholar Services office recommends you to get all these documents in the health center of your country before your arrival in Russia. All documents in foreign languages must be translated into Russian by a certified translation agency.

How can I get a visa to come to Russia after the borders open?
If you need a visa, the University of Tyumen will prepare an invitation for you.

When can I come to Russia?
You must agree on the date of arrival in the Russian Federation with the University before purchasing travel tickets.
In order to do this, after the official opening of the borders and permission for the citizens of your country to enter Russia, you must fill in the form:
Students who arrived in Tyumen and did not agree on the date of arrival with the University must find a place to stay under a 14-day quarantine by themselves.

What should I do after arriving in Russia?
After arriving in Russia, you will have to stay under a 14-day quarantine. According to the temporary rules of Russian universities, this is a necessary safety measure to prevent the spread of viral diseases. The quarantine requires that you stay in the room during the whole 14-day period, with no possibility to leave the room until you pass the medical check-up when quarantine period ends. Make sure to have all the necessary things for this period: clothes, personal medical supplies, electronic devices, etc.

If you live in a dormitory of the University of Tyumen, upon arrival you must get to the place of quarantine by yourself, following the instructions sent to you by email after agreeing on the date of entry.
If you do not live in a dormitory of the University of Tyumen, you will need to stay during the quarantine period at your place of residence.
Besides, ALL foreign students who enter the Russian Federation must take a COVID-19 test by PCR on the 10-12th day of quarantine. For students living in the dormitory, a visit by a doctor will be organized to take the test. The test is to be taken at the expense of the student.

When will the student ID and personal magnetic pass card be issued?
You can get your welcome pack (if you are a 1st year student who passed their 14-day period of quarantine) in the Common Dean's Office (18, Semakova st.). You will receive: magnetic pass card to the university buildings, student ID (if you bring 2 photos of 3x4cm and indicate your full name and program of studying), login and password to the corporate email, to Modeus, to the Vmeste portal, a certificate of studying, and a face mask.
You MUST have an identity document and a face mask with you.
Important! During the 14-day quarantine, your magnetic pass to the University buildings will be blocked.

How can I unlock my magnetic pass card?
-If you live in a dormitory of the University of Tyumen, the card is unlocked automatically after the end of quarantine and a medical check-up.
-If you do not live in a dormitory, take the results of your primary test for COVID-19 received before arriving in Russia, a migration card, and the test results for COVID-19 received on days 10-12 of quarantine, and bring these documents to the Medical and Sanitary Department of UTMN (23, Lenina st.,office 7) to get access to the classes and to the university buildings.

What expenses should I prepare the money for before coming to Russia?
·         Accommodation in the city of Tyumen
·         Medical insurance policy valid in Russia (about 3,000 rubles for 1 year)
·         Buying food for a 14-day quarantine period
·         Test for COVID-19 (about 2,500 rubles)
All financial operations are carried out only in rubles. We recommend that you exchange your currency in advance.
Attention! The University of Tyumen provides migration registration for foreign citizens who live in the UTMN dormitories only if they have the accommodation contract with UTMN. Foreign citizens who live under the residential lease agreement or in their friends or relatives’ apartment must be registered by the host party.

Is it true that Tyumen is the sunniest city in Russia?
Surprisingly, Tyumen can boast more clear days than Moscow. The average annual duration of sunshine in Tyumen is 2066 hours, which is 1.5 times sunnier than in the capital of Russia.
To learn more about weather conditions, check the weather forecast for Tyumen. Make sure you have necessary warm clothes you need for the local climate, or be ready to buy them after you arrive in Russia. You can find out more information about the city of Tyumen on the official website of UTMN.

How can I contact other UTMN students from my country?
Association of International Students of UTMN unites all foreign students and postgraduates and helps to maintain the connection of foreigners with professors, the International Affairs Department, the Department for Admission from the CIS countries, the Youth Policy Department and curators of foreign students at the UTMN institutes.
Find the coordinator of your country in AIS UTMN to stay in touch with your compatriots.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help and answer them!
We look forward to seeing you in the city of Tyumen - the city of happy people!

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