Interactive learning: UTMN develops educational quiz for students

Education 25 December 2020

Professors of the University of Tyumen, together with the Tyumen regional public organization "Center for development of leadership and project competencies", developed an educational online quiz — "Russia in 60 seconds". The project was developed under the grant of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. 

More than a thousand participants from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, and China took part in the exciting competition. The quiz was a perfect opportunity for participants to test their knowledge of the Russian language and culture. 

Nowadays, bringing education online and developing new exciting ways to teach is especially relevant. Interactive learning removes the psychological barrier for students, especially for those who want to study Russian,” says Svetlana Dracheva, project manager, professor of the Department of Russian and Foreign Literature at UTMN Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

University professors and schoolteachers noted the importance of such events, which aid students in forming linguacultural competencies. "We were delighted to see students so engrossed in the quiz. We would be glad to cooperate with the University of Tyumen in the future, as our joint activity brings fruitful results!" — commented the teachers of the A. S. Pushkin Secondary School for Foreign Languages (Varna, Bulgaria). "The quiz was fun both for students and teachers. Even teachers from different departments joined in, such as the Russian Language Department, Pedagogy, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Tourism, etc. All in all, the event undoubtedly had a beneficial effect on the academic community of Shumen University at the end of the winter semester," shared the representatives of the Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen (Shumen, Bulgaria). 

All video materials and tasks are available on Russia in 60 seconds website. Any motivated student can freely access them. Teachers of the Russian language are welcome to use the quiz for their own lessons.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications


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