Students of Polytechnic School to study engineering on the example of a large oil company

Education 25 March 2016

The Students with UT’s Polytechnic School will be able to study engineering on the example of one of the largest Russian oil companies. Some years ago, the University of Tyumen was put on the list of specialized higher education institutions that have concluded a cooperation agreement with Gazprom Neft. Dmitry Grandov, vice director of the UT Polytechnic school, became the participant of the internal comprehensive program named "PROconcept" aimed at developing engineering competences in the area of conceptual design.

The multimodal “PRO concept" program was specially developed for the Gazprom Neft’s exploration and extraction unit. The world's best practices in the field of the conceptual design were considered during its creation. In the course of the training, the students will be able to examine cases based on real-life examples.

Denis Sugaipov, head of the Gazprom Neft’s large-scale projects directorate, CEO of Gazprom Neft–Development stressed: “As of today, the labour market offers only a limited number of specialists in the conceptual design, possessing the necessary experience in implementing large-scale projects. That is why we are striving to develop our own tools of internal expertise in this sphere. The UT is the only Russian university that trains specialists in conceptual engineering for the oil and gas sector. Participation of the university lecturers in our internal educational programs, will help to combine in the best possible way the academic opportunities offered by the higher school with the business needs."

Dmitry Grandov firmly believes that the strategic partnership of the "Gazprom Neft" with the UT’s Polytechnic school will promote the practically-oriented young specialists training program. It’s not surprising, given that the “PRO concept" program allows within a short period of time to get deeply immersed in the process of the actual problems solving.

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