Vadim Yakovlev on the Conceptual Engineering Masters degree course

Education 14 March 2017

National priority

Vadim Yakovlev expressed his opinion on the training of engineers, which is a current national issue:

“As we work towards bringing our strategy for the growth of oil and gas output into fruition, we are faced with more and more complex issues like oil extraction on the Arctic shelf, in remote areas of the Yamal Peninsula, and opening up hard-to-recover reservoirs… To make this possible we are constantly improving technology and developing engineering approaches, so it is not surprising that educational programmes quickly become outdated.  As a result, new graduates need additional training to be able to provide solutions to relevant issues. Therefore, we decided that it would be logical for us to play an active part in the process of training qualified specialists.”

Partnership with the UT

“Tyumen is one of the key regions for our business. We have two teams here working on two of our  largest and most important projects - the exploration of the Novoportovskoe field and the Messoyakha fields. Here in Tyumen there is a branch of our Science and Technology Centre, which assists in the implementation of these projects. And we have a long-term demand for specialists, research ideas and industrial solutions in Tyumen…

We have a trusting partner relationship with the Head of the region. We know how important the development of the University of Tyumen is for Vladimir Yakushev and we are glad to assist him in this,” said Vadim Yakovlev.

“We are well aware of the quality of the education given at UT as a number of UT alumni work for our company.”

Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate

“The conceptual engineering course is based on our unique methods of conceptual design and engineering, methods which integrate the “layer – well – ground infrastructure” models and include our company’s engineering methodological developments and investment algorithms… All these products are internal to our company and non-commercial, they were created by our specialists. 

We strive to accelerate the training process, as our constantly expanding company always needs new specialists. Therefore, we proposed a programme to the University of Tyumen that became the basis of the conceptual engineering course.

This course was designed in accordance with the international guideline «Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate»: the first step is to conceive the issue, the second to design the solution, then implement it and be ready to operate it by yourself. The guideline aims to narrow the gap between theory and practice.

In addition to our contribution to the content of the course, we give UT students the opportunity to take an internship and put their acquired skills into practice, including solving not just sample cases, but real issues. Our clients are interested in high-quality products, and the internship allows them to take a closer look at students.    

One of the programme’s distinctive features is that the course has a strong focus on periphery skills as well as profession-related skills. For example, to succeed in a modern company a specialist needs to be able to work in a team and to be a leader.”  


Source: UT Office of Strategic Communications


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