Gazprom Neft promotes systems integration engineers training

Education 14 March 2017

On 15 February in the UT Polytechnic School, Mars Khasanov, D.Eng and the CEO of the Gazpromneft Ltd Research and Technology Centre, gave a lecture titled Systems Engineering.

The lecture was highly informative; it was based on the real engineering experience of PJSC Gazprom Neft specialists in various spheres from the oil industry to everyday life.

“You are very lucky to be studying engineering, because today there is a shortage of systems integration engineers in Russia. Systems engineering is in high demand in all spheres, especially in design, construction, equipment purchase, and modelling, as it helps to solve issues efficiently, taking different risks, unexpected circumstances and other external factors into consideration,” noted Mars.

According to Mars Khasanov, the largest oil company promotes the training of engineering specialists, especially at the UT Polytechnic School.

Conceptual engineering is necessary for creating infrastructure in oil and gas fields. Nowadays in Russia there is almost no specialized training in this field. In this regard, UT’s Conceptual Engineering for the Oil and Gas Industry Masters degree course offers a unique opportunity to students.

This new ambitious project is the result of cooperation between the University of Tyumen and PJSC Gazprom Neft, whose specialists became members of the UT teaching staff. Students of the Conceptual Engineering course will implement their projects at Gazprom Neft’s fields.

The course includes training modules aimed at personal development. Students will learn effective communication, teamwork, IT, critical and systematic thinking, as well as negotiation skills.

Source: UT Office of Strategic Communications


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