School of Advanced Studies conducts faculty search

Education 14 March 2017

On the 3-5 March UTMN hosted the Multidisciplinary Research Project Design Session. Among the participants were 28 faculty candidates from 21 universities and 9 countries.

During these three days, faculty candidates formed teams and worked together to outline collaborative research projects. Researchers had to think and communicate outside their disciplines to formulate and defend their multidisciplinary projects in plenary discussions with their peers and specially invited external experts. A list of the session participants with their bios and interests can be found here:

The most interesting and promising projects will form the School of Advanced Studies research agenda while the stand-out candidates will become its research and teaching faculty.

The SAS director Andrey Shcherbenok moderated the event. In total, the UTMN School of Advanced Studies received 300 researcher applications from all over the world.

After the Session, researchers gave 11 lectures in Russian and English to 10-11-graders, to give them an idea of what studying in the School of Advanced Studies will be like. The lectures gathered more than 250 students.

The SAS educational program offers students the opportunity to study a range of subjects across the social sciences and humanities in a bilingual (Russian and English) environment. Dozens of unique elective courses, developed by the SAS teaching staff, will allow students to choose their own individual educational path. 

The School aims to provide its staff and students with a lively and creative space, deeply integrated into international academic networks, whereby multidisciplinary research activities will combine with relevant educational formats. The School offers unequalled, high-quality education to the most talented and motivated students from Russia and the world.  

According to experts, the School of Advanced Studies is a great opportunity for the University of Tyumen and Tyumen itself to strengthen its position in the world’s research community and to be put on the world’s academic map. 

Source: UTMN Office of Strategic Communications


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