The Largest Lecture Hall Opened at UTMN

Education 27 September 2017
The newly refurbished L300 lecture hall has been opened at the UTMN Institute of Finance and Economics. Now L300, meeting the standards expected of modern teaching spaces, is the largest classroom at UTMN. The refurbishment was made possible by UTMN’s participation in the prestigious Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities project, as well as financial support from Tyumen regional government.

L300, laid out as an amphitheater, is equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia hardware – HD video projectors, 2 five-meter screens, an interactive whiteboard, a dynamic lighting control system and a powerful HVAC control system, an audio system with stationary and wireless microphones, to name but a few. The touch screen monitor allows the user to write and draw in flipchart mode, show materials and presentations from flash drives, display a laptop screen, go online and conduct videoconferencing sessions, all without the need for a desktop computer. Multimedia content of all kinds, including presentations, can be transmitted onto the widescreen display directly from personal iOS and Android mobile devices as well as from laptop computers via the classroom’s wireless network.

“Many people were involved in the transformation of the lecture hall,” said UTMN Rector Valery Falkov. “The transformation of the university started in 2015, when UTMN became a participant of the 5-100 Project. Back then, the head of the region, Vladimir Yakushev, endorsed the university and promised to contribute towards its modernization. We are indeed changing and doing so to make the university more attractive to prospective students and more comfortable for current students and staff”.  

At the opening ceremony, Rector reminded guests that, in the last 20 years, this classroom had hosted multiple lectures and graduation ceremonies; it had been a place where people met to discuss breakthrough ideas. “The lecture hall had to be renovated as a symbol of UTMN moving forward. We appreciate our alumni, partners and colleagues’ support and we will keep developing UTMN for all of you,” concluded Valery Falkov. 

In his speech, Deputy Chairman of Sberbank’s West Siberian branch, Vladislav Shilenko, noted that most of Sberbank’s staff had graduated from UTMN. “The University of Tyumen is constantly developing, and its participation in the Competitiveness Enhancement project is a great responsibility for all UTMN students and staff. Opening an innovative, high standard lecture room gives them new opportunities and resources for further development”. 

“In the digital age, intelligence is the most valuable thing, and it can only be achieved with good education,” said the President of Zapsibkombank Dmitry Goritsky. “Our future life depends on how strong our educational foundation is. Take advantage of opportunities given to you, set impossible goals and reach them, make yourselves – and your university and region – proud”.    

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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