UTMN launches Summer School “Public Diplomacy: Reaching out to Siberia”

Education 14 September 2018
September 24 – 30, the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities holds the Summer School “Public Diplomacy: Reaching out to Siberia with the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR).

Students from Tyumen and other Russian cities as well as foreign students from the USA, France, Spain, Cameroon, and Ghana have already expressed their interest in participating.

The program offers in-depth lectures and workshops on public diplomacy, intercultural dialogue, international academic relations and business diplomacy. The lecturers from the Higher School of Economics, the European University at Saint Petersburg and invited experts from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), Uppsala University (Sweden) will be among the speakers.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategiс Communications 

Link to Russian version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/obrazovanie/592445/


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