SAS students ready to present final projects in English

Education 17 June 2020

Students at UTMN School of Advanced Studies (SAS) once again are getting ready to present their final projects. The results of their hard work will be presented before an international expert council.

After completing each year of study, students of UTMN School of Advanced Studies develop themselves as future specialists. At the end of the first year, SAS students make a presentation in English as part of the “Key topics of the first year” course, where everyone has a chance to apply the knowledge they received from different courses to make an original research project. This project marks students as developing experts in their field of study.

At the end of the second year, students defend the “Design Your Future” group project, which helps them develop and learn even more about the professional world.


The Topics of the projects this year are: “Processing waste for profit”; “Support system development for people in wheelchairs in Tyumen”; “Tyumen public transport payment system”; “Communication in SAS online spaces”; “Aeroflot company: crew conflict on board” and many more. 

First and second-year students already had their presentations on June 10 and 11. Third-year students are getting ready for their panel on June 15 and 16. 

After the third year, SAS students, after choosing a major and doing a year of specialization courses, defend their research projects before an international expert council. This event is open to the entire SAS community and contributes to the development of a united intellectual agenda. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications


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