BRICS Law Journal has been established at the University of Tyumen

International 29 July 2016

The University of Tyumen has become a publisher of BRICS Law Journal which objective is to be an open forum for legal scholars and practitioners to reflect on issues that are relevant to the BRICS countries and internationally significant. BRICS Law Journal is the world's first legal academic journal covering legal aspects of the current association of the BRICS group. 

The journal was created in 2014 on the initiative of the academic community in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The journal is registered in the Russian Federation. It is indexed by international agencies, including the international research base HeinOnline having access to 1,700 libraries, 40,000 subscribers in 175 countries. The journal is published in strict accordance with the requirements of Scopus and Web of Science, which indexation is a key indicator of the international rating agencies. Since 2014 the editorial board of the journal has been headed by Dmitry Maleshin, a Professor of Civil Procedure Law Faculty of Moscow State University. 

“Establishing the journal in the framework of the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100, the University set forth several goals: to increase the research excellence and expertise in the field of legal studies, to develop joint research with scholars not only from BRICS countries, but also from around the world and to build the University networking with the prominent law schools of the BRICS countries, – says Elena Gladun, the executive editor of BRICS Law Journal. – To promote this journal is challenging and but a very promising project. To date we face the challenge to create a platform for the dialogue between legal scholars inside BRICS countries as well as between BRICS countries and outside world”. 

 In the current issue of the journal there are articles covering actual topics of the dynamically developing BRICS association. The papers of the issue, for example, are “Energy Revolution under the BRICS nations” (by Manjeet Kumar Sahu, Constitutional and Administrative Law researcher from India), “Towards fulfillment of fundamental rules of humanitarian law in the context of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty” (by Saeed Bagheri, a researcher from Akdeniz University, Turkey), “Exploitation of the continental shelf in disputed areas: an example of the Arctic Ocean” (by Mary Sabina Peters, a researcher of Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Xavier School of Sustainability, India) and others. The issue presents the review of the First Forum of the BRICS Network University written by Iana Smagina, a researcher from the Institute of State and Law, the University of Tyumen. 

 Source: Information Policy Department of Tyumen State University


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