UTMN Hosts an International Landscape Conference

International 29 August 2017

On 21-26 August, Tyumen played host to a discussion of current issues in landscape-ecological support for rational nature management and sustainable development. The XII International conference, held at UTMN, was attended by more than one hundred Russian and international researchers and specialists in landscape science.

Today, landscape studies is more than just physical geography, as it also involves social issues, determines social and economic development and territory planning in particular, which is especially relevant for Russia.   

“The key issue of the conference was human interaction with the environment and landscape, how we use it, how landscape reacts to our influence, what problems it causes or, on the contrary, what advantages we get”, said Vitaly Khoroshavin, Deputy Chairman of the conference organizing committee and Director of UTMN Institute of Earth Sciences.

During the conference, Russian and international experts discussed controlling factors in landscape policy development and determined priority research areas for this topic. 

Professor Kirill Dyakonov, associate member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Science of Moscow State University, believes that scientists should be drawn into the advanced study of landscape dynamics and the discussion of constructive ways of modelling landscape.

The international guests shared their experience in landscape modelling and management with their Russian colleagues and gave an account of contemporary urban landscape problems in their countries.

“I don’t think you can compare urban landscape problems in Russia and Germany. In Germany, the biggest problem is the lack of land. We have a very big population, about 83 million people, and there is not enough land to provide for everyone, so we import a lot of services. In Russia, you are fortunate enough to have a huge land area and a smaller population density. But I think a problem that we currently share is urbanization. So the question of sustainable, green urban development is something that connects both countries”, said Christine Fürst, President of the International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE), Germany.

Among the topics discussed were the issues of landscapes’ social and economic functions, landscape sustainability and ecosystem services. The participants agreed that the landscape conference was an important global event, promoting mutually beneficial academic exchange.

“I’ve finished a joint project with Russian researchers. For the last two or three years we have been working together on the assessment of ecosystem services in the Russian Federation. It is very important to include Russian researchers into the international context. Our project was financed by the German Ministry of Environmental Protection, and more than 30 Russian scientists participated in it. For instance, we worked together to establish the first ecosystem assessment service, with a new approach to landscape regulation”, said Dr. Karsten Grunewald, Professor, research associate at Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (Dresden, Germany).

The Conference was organized by the University of Tyumen, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Faculty of Geography) and the Russian Geographical Society.



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Source: UTMN Office of Strategic Communications

Link to Russian version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/nauka-segodnya/326819/


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