Geert Lovink Gives Lecture and a Series of Workshops at UTMN

International 18 September 2017
UTMN’s School of Advanced Studies hosted a workshop by Geert Lovink, Dutch art critic and Internet researcher, media theorist, PhD, and founding director of the Institute of Network Cultures (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

The two-day workshop included 6 sessions with such engaging topics as An Introduction to the Latest Critique of the Internet and Social Media, Culture in the Search Engine Era, MoneyLab, and Strategies of Digital and Offline Publishing.

As part of his visit to UTMN, the Dutch media theorist also gave an open lecture The Aesthetics and Politics of the Online Self - From Selfie to Brand Design and Back, after which he answered the audience’s questions. Geert Lovink believes that it will be Russia which finds a real alternative to ‘boring’ Facebook and clear the way for radical new networks and initiatives.

At the lecture, Geert Lovink told the audience how perception of the Internet and social media has changed over time and what role the image that we create of ourselves in social media plays in our life today. The issues mentioned by the Dutch researcher interested a large number of participants, who had a chance to rethink their experience of communicating through social networks.


Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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