Mitsubishi Electric Centre for Industrial Automation Opened at UTMN

International 27 September 2017
A Mitsubishi Electric Centre for Industrial Automation has been established at UTMN as part of a cooperation agreement between Mitsubishi Electric (Russia) LLC, Tyumen Pribor LLC and the University of Tyumen. 

Representatives of these organizations, as well as delegations from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan), Tyumen Regional Department for Investment Policy, Rosneft Uvatneftegaz LLC, GMS Group, UTMN industrial partners, students, and guests from Germany were present at the grand opening ceremony.

In his speech, UTMN Rector Valery Falkov noted that, at the current stage of the university’s development, it is vital to improve cooperation with the world’s leading companies, as it gives UTMN alumni the opportunity to start their careers with the most prestigious companies. “Everything we launch at UTMN is launched for you,” said Valery Falkov to UTMN students.

“The development of partnerships with universities is very important to our company. We think it is imperative to teach students to operate the equipment starting from the first year of education and hope that graduates will put what they have learned into practice when they are employed,” said Masanari Tanimoto, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s senior manager.

“Mitsubishi Electric and Tyumen Pribor were impressed by how eager UTMN staff was to create something new and train qualified engineers, as well as by UTMN leadership’s intention not only to modernize the university’s facilities, but also to use the Centre for Industrial Automation for students’ practical training,” said Tyumen Pribor’s CEO, Radik Zakirov.

The event culminated in the opening of the core subdivision of the Centre – the Training Laboratory for Industrial Automation Systems and Tools, equipped with training and research stands and Mitsubishi Electric software. 

The key aims of the laboratory include integrating modern solutions in the sphere of industrial automation into the educational process and providing modern professionals with training in their use so as to facilitate industry’s shift towards a more digital format. Moreover, the laboratory will be used for researching, developing and testing smart management system prototypes, using high-tech programme controllers and frequency-regulated drives.
Boris Grigoriev, the head of the new laboratory and deputy director of the UTMN Institute of Physics and Technology, highlighted the idea that “software’s technical capacity is limited only by the human mind”. Tyumen Pribor’s technical director, Dmitry Prokofiev, confirmed that the company would be involved in the Laboratory’s activity. “We will set real tasks to make education reflect real life,” he said. 

The ceremony ended with a seminar on process automation, in which Masanari Tanimoto (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan), Sergei Titov (Mitsubishi Electric, Russia), and Dmitry Prokofiev (Tyumen Pribor) presented their reports. At the seminar, UTMN vice rectors Evgeny Golubev and Taisia Pogodaeva familiarized the guests with UTMN’s work and capabilities in the spheres of education and research as well as its cooperation with industrial partners. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications 

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