Days of Germany Return to Tyumen

International 18 October 2017
Days of Germany is an international festival whose motto is “with German to success”. Featuring a number of cultural, educational, scientific and economic events, the festival – held in Russia since 2003 – is very popular, gathering thousands of participants in each region annually.   


The festival will be held in Tyumen for the 7th time, and for the 5th year in a row UTMN has won the German Embassy’s competition for the honour of hosting the festival, proving its role as a catalyst of Russian-German cultural and educational cooperation in the region. 

The festival motto is an accurate reflection of the support and promotion the German language is given in Tyumen region through partner programmes organized by the UTMN Resource Centre for German Language and Culture

From 26 October to 3 November, anyone interested can visit a dozen events aimed at forming a positive, modern, and up-to-date image of Germany and its culture.

As part of the festival, there will be children’s theater performances, exhibitions, comics-making workshop, interactive lectures and many other events. 

“Organizing meetings with German, Swiss and Austrian writers is a hallmark of the Resource Centre. This year, we invite those who love literature to the meeting with Andreas Kurz that includes a presentation of his latest book, a talk and a book signing,” said the festival organizers. 



26 October - Eineanderewelt mobile puppet theatre (Hamburg)
3:15pm, Kosmos Theatre Centre, 165a Respubliki St.

28 October – exhibition and interactive lecture #Here I Stand, devoted to Martin Luther and the 500 anniversary of the Reformation
7pm, Grunge Art Gallery, 51/4 Sovetskaya St. (free admission)

29 October 
“Moderne deutsche Musik im DaF-Unterricht” masterclass by Dr. Andrea Liebschner (DAAD-Lektor, Yekaterinburg)
10am, UTMN Goethe Hall, 6 Volodarskogo St. (registration required)

Comics workshop
1pm, UTMN Goethe Hall, 6 Volodarskogo St. (registration required)

1 November - meeting with Andreas Kurz
6pm, Eurasia Hotel, Continental Hall, 20 Sovetskaya St. (free admission)

2 November – German Modern Children’s Literature exhibition  
UTMN Goethe Hall, 6 Volodarskogo St. (free admission)

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The full programme in Russian is available here

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications  

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