Educational Tourism is the Best Way of Studying Language

International 26 October 2017
Students from Georges de La Tour Lyceum (Metz, France) had a trip to the Russian village Yembaevo, organized by UTMN Regional Centre of Franco-Russian Cooperation, to study the Russian language and culture.

In Yembaevo, students visited a unique mosque, built in 1887, and a museum, where they were introduced to the history of Siberian Tatars, their culture and traditions. A student from Marseille, Carla Forneri, who is currently studying for a University of Toulouse – UTMN double degree in Tyumen, served as an interpreter during the tour.      

“It was the first time I had visited a mosque, and it was exciting. We also visited a very interesting museum, where we saw many traditional artefacts such as clothes and samovars. Most of all I probably liked the folk dance performed by local students,” said Carla. 

The group of French students have come to Russia as part of a UTMN international course to study Russian. During their 10-day visit to Siberia, they will have the chance not only to have daily Russian classes, but also interact with their peers and philology students at UTMN, visit Tyumen museums and have tours around Tyumen, Yalutorovsk and Tobolsk. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications 

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