UT Ranks 27th in National Ranking for International Cooperation

Ratings 20 December 2016

The University of Tyumen took 27th place out of 238 Russian universities in the Interfax national ranking "University organizing international cooperation: agreements and conference participation."

This figure resulted from the number and quality of partnership foreign universities and research organizations; the number of international conferences attended by university representatives in 2015; and the share of these conference participants in the total number of academic staff members. UT has signed cooperation agreements with 88 international universities. A significant number of these universities take high positions in various international ratings.

Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs, Dr. Andrey Tolstikov, explains the significance of this award:

“We tend to be very optimistic waiting for 2017 to come. International cooperation in the UT is developing rapidly, and applicants from all over the world come to Tyumen. This leads to the expansion of international scientific contacts. While UT traditionally has strong links with US and Western European universities, we have within the past few years managed to strengthen relations with the ‘BRICS’ countries. In Brazil, India, China and South Africa our representatives either conduct research or teach the Russian language. This month an expeditionorganized by Russian National Fund has returned from South Africa. Recently Elena Plakhina, the Department of Journalistic skills lecturer, went to India for an internship. In addition, the UT launched its own academic journal, the BRICS Law Journal.”  

The main goal for the near future, according to the Rector, is to provide world-class research teams with developed international collaborations. “It is not easy,” Tolstikov notes, “but it’s central to our participation in the 5-100 project.”

The special Interfax project was launched in 2009 in order to develop and test new mechanisms for independent rating system of Russian universities. The Federal Education and Science Supervisory Service (Rosobrnadzor) initially supported the project, but since 2010, it has been owned by Interfax and participates with the "Echo of Moscow" radio station.

Source: UT Office of Strategic Communications

Link to Russian Version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/reytingi/299097/



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