UTMN Student Developing Cardiac Event Recorder

Research and Innovations 29 September 2017

UTMN student Igor Kurlykov is working on the creation of a cardiac event recorder for telemedical diagnostics and heart disease prediction. The project has been made possible due to the cooperation agreement between the University of Tyumen and Tyumen Cardiology Research Centre. The project is guided by the Head of the UTMN Department of Algebra and Mathematical Logic, Vladimir Kutrunov, UTMN PhD student Sergey Diachkov and the Head of the Cardiology Centre’s Department of Functional Diagnostics, Viktor Todosiychuk. 

The device and its software is designed for telemedical diagnostics, as there is an pressing need to develop cardiac event recorders locally as an alternative to those produced abroad and to extend their functions. The new device will be able to define the nature of sudden arythmia and, therefore, help doctors prescribe more accurate treatment, even in the early stages of disease. The project includes the creation of a cloud service for the transmission ECG fragments to the Cardiology Centre for further analysis.

According to Igor Kurlykov, the device will advise the patient to visit a doctor if necessary. Currently, the prototype of the device and its software are being developed.

Using an internet connection and the special software, doctors will be able to monitor the health of anyone from drivers to production workers and save not only the patient’s life, but also the people around them.


Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

Link to Russian version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/nauka-i-innovatsii/330755/ 


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