Laboratory for Historical and Ecological Anthropology Opens at UTMN

Research and Innovations 2 October 2017

The UTMN Academic Council has decided to establish a new structural subdivision for research, where the faculty will have a chance to test modern interdisciplinary approaches. Eventually, the Laboratory for Historical and Ecological Anthropology is envisaged as a place for UTMN students to train their research skills, obtain necessary experience for their future careers and therefore become more competitive on the job market

According to the head of the laboratory, PhD in History, Evgeny Krestyannikov, the laboratory will focus on involving bachelor and masters students in the process of research. They will be able to work with Russian archives, develop their academic writing skills, learn how to publish research articles in journals and apply for grants. 

The laboratory is designed for research in the spheres of Historical and Ecological Anthropology, studying the history of mankind and human society in the context of their interaction with the environment – from the anthropogenic impact on the environment to social, economic and political relations influenced by nature. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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