UTMN Scholars to Develop World’s First Cuneiform Converter

Research and Innovations 30 November 2017
UTMN scholars are developing DEIMEL – the world’s first cuneiform converter based on Unicode system standards. The program will facilitate working with original sources from the ancient Middle East. 

“The programme is designed for cuneiform texts,” said Ekaterina Novokreshchennykh, head of the project. “It lets us create and edit texts in two types of writing – ancient Babylonian and neo-Assyrian. Characters can be typed either by using Unicode or transcription”. 

The workspace is divided in 4 areas: cuneiform, transcription, translation to Russian and translation to English. After installing the akkadian.ttf and assyrian.ttf fonts from the DEIMEL software on Windows, cuneiform can be used in MS Word. DEIMEL will also show the translation of each character in Russian and English.  

According to Sergey Grigorishin, associate professor from the UTMN Department of Archaeology, Ancient World and Medieval Studies, the DEIMEL programme is a prototype for developing converters for other types of writing. The programme will be implemented into UTMN educational process and research projects. Digital humanities will help analyze unstudied ancient texts.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

Link to Russian version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/nauka-segodnya/467450/ 


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