UTMN Student's Paper Recognized as Best at International Conference

The 5th International Youth Conference “Physics. Technology. Innovations – 2018” has taken place at Yekaterinburg. Plenary sessions gathered professors from Latvia, Israel and China. 

Participants discussed the current state of high technology and prospects for its implementation, as well as the results of fundamental and applied research in various scientific, industrial and social spheres.

UTMN was represented by a student from the Institute of Physics and Technology, Ruslan Safargaliev, who studies Technical Physics. He presented his work – A study of oil displacement from the porous medium using the graphene suspension – in the Material Science section. “The research aims to find new materials that would contribute to the extraction of hard-to-extract oil,” explained Ruslan. 

Ruslan Safargaliev (left on the photograph)

Ruslan conducted his research at the Department of Multiphase Systems Mechanics under the guidance of Dr. Yuri Pakharukov, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, and Professor Farid Shabiev, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. 
Ruslan Safargaliev’s paper was recognized as the best in the section. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications 

Link to Russian version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/nauka-segodnya/531773/ 


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