A New Product by UTMN Scientists and Mechanical Engineers

The second joint project by UTMN and the major diversified holding GMS Group is nearing completion. Since 2016, the university and GMS Group, in cooperation with other research organisations and industrial companies, have been working on the creation of technology and equipment for the thermochemical treatment of oil reservoirs with binary mixtures. The project aims to increase hydrocarbon output and contribute to ecological recovery at oilfields. The technology is designed to replace the imported technology of hydraulic fracturing using gel-based proppant agents. 

“Unique technology developed by UTMN scientists and equipment created at the Tyumen Sibneftemash plant have passed pilot tests in various conditions at several companies’ oilfields,” said Alexandr Lishchuk, R&D Director of GMS Group’s Oil and Gas Equipment and Projects business unit. “Currently, we are preparing for new pilot tests, creating one more equipment unit – a control station that will provide online recording of processes in a reservoir before and after treatment. Moreover, we will test new technology regimes and binary mixture compositions". 

The next round of tests is scheduled for this autumn and winter and will be undertaken in several state oil companies. Almost all Russian oil companies are considered as potential clients for the new technology and equipment. 

“The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) expresses a great interest in this project. I am eager to show them our technology in use not only in continental oil fields, but also in offshore ones. There are other international companies interested in our work – from Canada, Korea and several Arabic countries, but for now we’d like to focus on the domestic market,” added Alexandr Lishchuk. He also stated that the cooperation between GMS Group and the University of Tyumen will be continued: promising new collaborative projects for 2018-2019 have already been submitted to grant competitions.  

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications
Link to Russian version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/nauka-segodnya/532417/ 


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