Master students complete an internship at the All-Russian institute of plant protection

Research and Innovations 17 December 2018

Master students studying plant biosecurity at the UTMN Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Biology completed the two-week education program in Saint Petersburg.

Leading scientists in the area of plant protection worked with the students in research laboratories. Professors Tatyana Gagkaeva, Igor Belousov and Natalya Belyakova introduced them to the latest methods that are used to control pathogens and pests.

The students spent part of the program at the "AGRO Lider" company's greenhouse complex, where they were shown how a modern greenhouse functions. They were especially interested in the domestic system of sheltered ground biological protection, developed at the All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection (FSBSI VIZR).

The VIZR’s collection of entomophages includes more than 40 laboratory populations. Many species of beneficial insects and ticks will be cultivated in the “mirror” laboratory of UTMN that was created on the basis of the X-BIO Institute together with VIZR.

The new interdisciplinary master's program is an example of a successful partnership between UTMN and one of the leading research institutes. Dr. Philipp Gannibal, Head of the All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Protection, and Andrey Tolstikov, Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs, are ideologists of the project.

In 2020, the single track “Master's program and postgraduate studies”, that provides targeted training to researchers and teachers at higher educational establishments, will be implemented. Teaching will be conducted entirely in English. International students already show great interest in enrolment: there are citizens of the United States, Kazakhstan and Iran among master students.

The X-BIO Institute is UTMN’s flagship project for the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100. X-BIO has world-class laboratories that conduct research in partnership with universities and research centers from more than 30 countries.

Interdisciplinary research unites mathematicians, physicists, chemists, and biologists in search of answers to global challenges related to the biological security of humans, animals, and plants: loss of biological diversity, biological invasions, antibiotic resistance, pests resistance to crop protection chemicals, bioterrorism.

In addition, using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), the institute is developing digital technologies in agriculture, forest science and environmental control.

Source:UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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