Biophysicists are in demand at X-BIO

Research and Innovations 14 August 2019

Nikolay Kubochkin, a postgraduate student of the physics and technology Institute of UTMN, completed an eight-month internship at the Darmstadt technical University under a grant from the German academic exchange service (DAAD) aimed at supporting research projects carried out as part of the work on a PhD thesis.

At the Darmstadt technical University, Nikolay had been studying the dynamics of spreading and evaporation of surfactant solutions on surfaces with different wetting properties, under the guidance of Professor Tatyana Gambaryan-Roizman, head of the Interfacial Transport and Complex Wetting group.

Plant biological safety is a priority area of research at the Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Biology (X-BIO), of which the research laboratory of Photonics and microfluidics is a part, where postgraduate student Nikolay Kubochkin works under the guidance of associate Professor Natalya Ivanova. The topic of his PhD thesis is the study of wetting and spreading phenomena on hydrophobic surfaces.

Nicolay will receive the President of the Russian Federation scholarship in 2019-2020 for his achievements in research activities. The scholarship is intended for students in higher education programs that correspond to the priority areas of modernization and technological development of the Russian economy.




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