UTMN acarologist going world wide

Research and Innovations 21 November 2019

The UTMN Institute of ecological and agricultural biology (X-BIO) research team is proved themselves once again. Supported by Russian Science Foundation, research works are now set up at three continents.

Currently, in the south of Australia, rare water mites research is being conducted, led by Pavel Klimov and X-BIO participant Almira Pepato. Under Russian Federal Property Fund grant, in the south of Africa, an annual study of the symbiotic fauna of termite mites is conducted, led by top researchers Alexander Khaustov and Sergey Ermilov, in collaboration with colleagues from the National Museum of Bloemfontein (South Africa). Additionally, at the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, specialists Sergei Sedov and Andrei Yurtaev are studying the application of new soil research methods.

Meaningful works has established UTMN as a global leader in plant and animal sciences research. According to the “U.S. News & World Report” magazine issue from 2019, UTMN ranks 25th globally as one of the biggest contributors of plant and animal sciences research.


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