UTMN takes part in BRICS Academic Forum

Research and Innovations 12 November 2020

The 12th BRICS Academic Forum and the BRICS Think Tank Council (BTTC) meeting took place in Moscow, under the theme “BRICS New Vision for a Better World”.

The purpose of the UTMN BRICS Law Journal is to publish high-quality scientific articles and to bring together scientists from the BRICS countries to exchange views, knowledge, and research experience. Another step towards achieving this goal was made during the participation of the editorial board of the journal in the BRICS Academic Forum.

The 12th Academic Forum “BRICS New Vision for a Better World” is special. First of all, it was held within Russia’s BRICS Chairmanship. Secondly, it was happening under pressing circumstances — a period of uncertainty and limitations associated with the COVID-2019 pandemic. Nevertheless, due to the brilliant and safe organization of the event, the hybrid format and sound communication between the leaders of the expert group and scientific community made it possible to hold the Forum and discuss current issues at the highest level.

RF Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, commented: "The focus of this meeting is to discuss the issues related to establishing multilateral institutions of global development. The academic experts are called upon to contribute to the solution of such large-scale problems."

The Forum participants prepared and presented their recommendations on BRICS long-term development.  

The BRICS Law Journal, published at the University of Tyumen, was represented by its Executive Editor — Elena Gladun. The journal is an open forum for legal scholars and practitioners to reflect on issues that are relevant to the BRICS and internationally significant.

BRICS Law Journal has long and fruitful cooperation with the National Committee on BRICS Research. In the near future BRICS Law Journal plans to publish a special issue that will include articles by young BRICSologists. The editorial board will also grow, having added the BRICS Research group. The University of Tyumen will also invite leading scientists from the BRICS countries to participate in joint research projects.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communication

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