Master class on media theory

We invite applications for participation in a Masterclass to be conducted by Dutch media theorist and internet critic and activist Geert Lovink who is leading the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam.

The two day Masterclass is divided into six sessions and engages with the following topics:
- Introduction on State of Art of Internet Criticism since 2008
- Unlike Us: Critique of Social Media
- Society of the Query: Cultures of Search/Internet Time
- MoneyLab: Revenue Models for the Arts (from Crowdfunding to Bitcoin)
- Book 2.0, Digital and Offline Publishing Strategies

The masterclass will include a 20 minute, one-on-one conversation in which individual proposals will be discussed. The masterclass will be held on September 11 and 12. Max. participants is 20. The class includes free publications of the Institute of Network Cultures and a public lecture in the evening for a general audience. The course cannot be followed partially.

For the general public there will be an open lecture entitled “Aesthetics and Politics of the Online Self - From Selfie to Mark Design and Back”.

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