Collaborative multidisciplinary research: launching a new paradigm

Multidisciplinary research is usually carried out by existing university faculty who decide to work across departmental boundaries. It often involves a single principle investigator who hires researchers from different disciplines for a particular project.


The UTMN School of Advanced Studies has developed a radically different, intentionally articulated format. During the hiring process itself, candidates for faculty positions come together to form multidisciplinary research teams during the Project Design Session. The projects they devise are the basis for the work of successful job candidates when they join SAS. Our third PDS will bring together 23 candidates from 13 countries who received their PhDs from top universities in a variety of disciplines - from anthropology and media studies to biology and computer science.

Tune in to watch a LIVE BROADCAST of the plenary discussions where their ideas will be tested on 8, 9, 10 March, 2019, at 10:00am (GMT):

On 11 March, everyone interested can visit open lectures by the candidates (see the schedule here).


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