UTMN Publishes New Research Journal "Siberian Socium"

Society and Culture 11 October 2017

UTMN has published the first issue of a new research journal Siberian Socium, devoted to research in Siberian social economics, regional development and sociology. The editorial board of the journal includes leading Russian and international experts. The Siberian Socium is a peer-reviewed academic journal, published in Russian and English. It is planned that the journal will be indexed by Scopus by 2019. 

“There are lots of research articles and monographies on modern-day Siberia, but we try to look at it from a different, more favourable angle, based on the logic and methodology of the modern systematic approach,” said the chief editor, PhD in Sociology and UTMN professor Valentin Nemirovsky. “The journal’s selling point is that it analyzes Siberia as a macroregion in the context of related territories”.    

In the first issue, member of the Russian Academy of Education, Scientific Advisor of University of Tyumen, Dr Gennady Shafranov-Kutsev publishes his article on the sociodemographic issues raised by the development of Siberia. Anyone interested can read this or other articles by Russian researchers on topical Siberian issues in the electronic version of the journal. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications  

Link to Russian version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/obshchestvo-i-kultura/447425/


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